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Benefits of Finding Working with Europeople

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  • Ongoing support from the Europeople recruitment team once you’ve found a job.

  • Ongoing support to represent your needs with your employer and address any issues on your behalf, including emergency telephone support.

  • A Health & Safety policy to ensure you work in a safe environment and a strong Equal Opportunities policy that makes certain you are always fairly treated in your place of work. 


  • Europeople pay weekly & promptly

  • National Insurance contributions and PAYE tax deducted from your salary.

  • Completion of all employment paperwork, and assistance with obtaining National Insurance numbers and opening bank accounts. 

  • electronically into your bank account and ensure that rates are competitive and reviewed regularly.

  • Enrolment onto the Company Pension Scheme.


What Europeople will expect from you

• To be honest, well presented and polite at all times. 

• To carry out all tasks in the way your employer has shown you. 

• To stay in regular contact with the Europeople team and inform us if you have any problems so that we can support you and offer help. 

• To look after the accommodation you are provided with. 

• To give us notice to take time off work for holidays.


National Insurance and Tax Contributions

For information on National Insurance and Tax Contributions, please contact the Inland Revenue at

How will you be paid?

• Europeople will provide you and your employer with weekly timesheets to record your hours.

• Complete the timesheet with your employer at the end of each week, ensuring that you have both signed it.

• Your employer will Email or Fax the timesheet to our payroll department. It must be received by the following Monday at 6pm to ensure payment that week.

• Timesheets received on time will be included in the Friday payroll run. The money will be transferred electronically to your bank account and your payslip will be sent to you in the post.

• Europeople operates a payroll system that will pay you a ‘week in hand’. This means you will need to bring enough money to purchase food and other essential items for the first two weeks. 

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